Jonathan Budd and The Unstoppable Entrepreneur MADE ME EAT TOO MUCH! Ramon Polo here! Today I was watching TV, and decided to open my heart. I wanted you to see and experience what’s inside my heart today and what it feels about Jonathan Budd and The Unstoppable Entrepreneur… Well… I’ve been watching Jonathan Budd’s videos on The Unstoppable Entrepreneur twice and read every single email he sends to motivate and make us feel UNSTOPPABLE… and here are the results: Last night I ate too much! (watch video to learn why) – Too much food. – Too much money. – Too much fun. – Too much sex… …You’ll just feel UNSTOPPABLE! Jonathan Budd starts to sell the tickets for The Unstoppable Entrepreneur on Monday, February 21st at 12pm (noon) EST. And only for 7 days, because there are limited seats! Here is the link to watch the videos: And here are the bonuses I mention in the video: 1) ‘List Building Principles’ Audio Training. 2) ‘The Real Deal Mindset & The Law of Attraction’ Audio Training. 3) ‘The Internet Entrepreneur Mindset’ Audio Training. (All these is brand new) 4) If you need help on setting up your blog, I will be on the phone, or Skype, or Facebook, or wherever you want, helping you along the process UNTIL you have it up and running (7 value) – THIS IS OPTIONAL. **Share this video to all your friends you wanna invite!!** If you have any doubt about the event or process, or just wanna tell me how crazy I am… My Skype username is ‘RamonP23’ This is all! I hope all is clear… Otherwise, Skype
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