Song for the entrepreneur in Singapore (original)

Are you, an entrepreneur in Singapore Oh yes, I’m a startup That’s cool! You must have made a lot of money Oh no, that’s what you think Startup grants and funds are everywhere now But how easy can this be VCs Angels at times can be vultures My equity become vouchers First time raising my series A Need funding before it is too late Give me a small chance just to breakthrough Say yes say yes say yes am I thru? Call me email me text me just say yes on the spot I see my cash at bank I feel so sad now Bootstrap but cannot grow Mentors a long list of them claim to be one How many can be good ones? I thought this was Silicon Valley here I see so many Yankees Build a lean team is making me thin It’s not as easy as you think Startups are a bunch of crazy people Have no clue how to draw in people Talents are such a rare gem to find How to How to How to get them in Mission Vision Goals and a Big Dream come with me Startups can be more united We should all do things more together Gather and we will be stronger Solo loner won’t do any good Make it bigger make it faster let’s combine ourselves I am a brand new little startup Would you like to buy my little product Come on I need your little support Stop slashing prices Can I pitch my business to you Getting “nos” is just part of your life So what if I get rejections Stand up Get up and you will get through True blue startups will get the true meaning of this song Credits go to: Intriax NEB Syinc Express In Music Stereo Image
Video Rating: 4 / 5