– Startups – News Roundtable with Declan McCullagh and Eric Savitz-TWiST #322

Never miss an episode! Subscribe in iTunes: Audio (bit.ly || Video (bit.ly Visit www.sourcebits.com to begin your web app development journey. Take a meeting with Sourcebits and you’ll also get a 15-minute meeting with Jason Calacanis! Email sourcebits@thisweekin.com for more info. Are you a first time entrepreneur looking to incorporate? eMinutes has embarked on a mission to form 500 corporations for free! Go to http for more details. ============== On today’s TWiST Round Table, the panel discusses the death of Aaron Swartz, who stood out at CES, Facebook search, and we get on update from SourceBits on Jason’s LAUNCH app! ================== 2:00 Come check out our third live TWiST event. 4:20 Thanks to our friends at eMinutes. 1st time entrepreneurs incorporate for free! www.eminutes.com 5:50 Eric how long have you been writing about tech? 7:15 Do you think it was fair to blame the government for Aaron Swartz’s suicide? 11:10 Eric what are your thoughts on this tragedy? 12:10 Declan what are your thoughts? 18:05 Eric why do you think Aaron received so much pressure on this? 23:50 What was the most impressive thing at CES? 26:00 So what was the general theme of CES? 29:45 Declan do you think Apple’s ‘closeds strategy is going to hurt them in the years to come? 31:00 What do you think the chances are that Apple releases a groundbreaking product in 2013? 34:00 What do you think Apple will do with all of it’s cash? Do you think they’ll make any new acquisitions in 2013? 37
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