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Jeff MacInnis’ epic 100-day expedition through the ice-choked Northwest Passage survived one of the harshest environments on the face of this planet… the passage that has claimed more lives than Mount Everest. This journey was made in an 18-foot boat named PERCEPTION – using only the wind and a dream as the sources of power. In athletics, Jeff competed on the Canadian National Ski Team, racing in World Cup events and winning the Belgium National Downhill Championships in 1984. This was the era of the “Crazy Canucks,” and through them Jeff learned valuable insights into outstanding team effort. As an explorer, Jeff was also an intricate member of the first team to journey overland from London to New York. The Overland Challenge was a grueling 25000 km journey around the world. This expedition was a 7 million dollar, eight part, prime time, “live action” British television series. Jeff is the author of a National Geographic Magazine story and a best-selling book called “Polar Passage”. A worldwide Rolex magazine advertisement features his Northwest Passage Expedition. He has presented 400 lectures in nine countries to Fortune 500 companies and associations. This video is brought to you by – – Canada’s leading speakers’ bureau. (416)420-4525 To book Jeff MacInnis for your next event contact 416 420 4525
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