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Follow our Blog of ALL our videos and stay up to date at Sex Education – -Faking Orgasms Jazmine Skye (born December 5, 1989) is an American socialite, host, model, and interviewee. She first got her start with interviewing on the red carpet at LA Fashion week, and has been doing it ever since. Jazmine’s prominence has increased as of January 2011 with the Appearance of her interviewing at LA Fashion Week (Fall-2011) following her first guest appearance at Spring Swag. Her first ever movie role in the new Wayne’s World 3 Spoof. Also Teaming up with Honda, Where she will be one of the Promo Models for the New Honda Civic 2012. Skye has launched her first calendar as of January 2011, and is steadily on the move. In 2010, Skye, Hosted and interviewed for Look Book LA at LA Fashion Week, and has interviewed celebrities such as Bridget Marquardt (TV Personality/E!’s hit show “Girls Next Door”) Ron Jeremy, Christina Milian, Natasha Henstridge (Species One, Two and Three) Tatiana Ali, Richie Sambora (Of Bon Jovi) Mikey Koffman (Of the Gallery LA and the Real L Word). Just to name a few. Even Blogs for The LA Fashion. As of March 2011, Jazmine become under new Management of Entertainer, DJ and Entrepreneur Landy Alton. Since then, they have been collaborating to bring such events. Skye’s current projects include, multiple roles Wayne’s World 3 Spoof, Detention Of The Dead and Band of Drivers. Which all
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